Antigua’s New Website Will Offer the World America’s Copyrighted Content for Free | Motherboard

Antigua’s New Website Will Offer the World America’s Copyrighted Content for Free

I wonder what this is going to develop into… Sounds pretty interesting though. Antigua’s New Website Will Offer the World America’s Copyrighted Content for Free | Motherboard:


The West End Men – review of the concert show at the Vaudeville Theatre

(Review based on the performance from Wednesday 29/05/2013)

The West End Men is a mishmash of songs from a variety of musicals with a few pop songs thrown in. It stars Lee Mead, Glenn Carter, David Thaxton and Matt Willis with a guest appearance from Kerry Ellis. The show runs until 22nd June 2013.

In one of the interviews I read that the show was initially written for three men only. I must admit that after seeing it I cannot imagine it without David Thaxton, who was a later addition to it. Overhearing the conversations on the way out I can confirm he was very well liked and definitely noticed by the audience. And I couldn’t agree more. He brings the show to another level. It’s a bit of a shame his role isn’t any more prominent within the group.

Both Lee Mead and Matt Willis put on a relatively OK-ish performance. Lee managed to trip when walking down the steps right through his first solo song. Both gents seemed to have some issues with their ear pieces and fiddled with them pretty much constantly  throughout the show. It looked a wee bit unprofessional. They perform a number of songs from musicals they previously starred in. Don’t get me wrong  – they do have good voices, however, it doesn’t feel like they put much heart into it.

The second half of the show feels like it is pretty much dedicated to Kerry Ellis – the only woman in this men oriented show. There are a few more women in the chorus towards the end of the show, but she is definitely the star of the concert. Her powerful voice dominates the theatre. On Wednesday she performed a duo with Lee Mead, which was OK. I would have loved to see her sing with David Thaxton though. Both of their voices are definitely the best features of the show.

Overall the show was good (3.5 out of 5 good). There are a few things that could be worked out a bit better and it’s surprising that this has not been done yet as the show has been around touring the world and the UK for quite some time.

It’s a family friendly show and could be good fun if you are after well known musical hits performed a bit on a camp side. In my opinion, once  the minor twitches are sorted out and the singers put a little bit more heart into the show I can see it a permanent feature on the West End scene. It definitely appeals to a very specific audience, but if marketed well it could do well with tourists visiting the capital as well.